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      Expand your services, stand out from the competition and offer your clients a value-added service as an Independent Furniture Consultant
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    Offering your clients furniture is the perfect compliment to your current business model

    What is an Independent Furniture Consultant?

    ​We created the Independent Furniture Consultant program because we know how hard it is to differentiate yourself in the marketplace. Clients are choosy and customers have lots of options. Technology has changed the world as we know it and consumer buying power is stronger than ever. As a home industry professional where commissions are dwindling and consultation fees are always up for negotiation, you need something different to set you apart from the status quo. You need something that meets the needs of your customer all while generating a new source of revenue for you in the process. And most of all it needs to be flexible.  Our consultants are also generating income in between closings or during slow periods. Breaking into the home furnishings business is not easy,  but we have created a system where you can plug into, incorporate into your already thriving business, generate income right away,  and create vested relationships with your clients that sets you apart from other service providers.

    Why Furniture Consultant
    Who is This For?
    Why Furniture Consultant

    Why Furniture Consulting?

    So many reasons to get started

    Grow Your Business

    Unlimited Income Potential

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    Award Winning Product

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    Flexible Shopping Options

    Furniture Consultants have the flexibility of selling furniture product using our virtual application platform as well as access to our local Conyers showroom. Clients are welcome to visit our local store with or without you, but all purchases will be credited to you and only you.

    Who is This For?

    Tap Into The Home Furnishings Business

    Who is This Opportunity For?

    Are you a Real Estate Agent who is constantly concerned with having to pay for staging services to help your properties sell? Do you find that clients fall in love with a particular piece they've seen in one of your listings? Or are you an Interior Designer that currently works with clients, but would love to make money off of the furniture your customers are already buying? What if you could start or grow your own home furnishings business where you bring the latest in home furniture designs directly to your clients? Clients shop directly with you, accessing the latest industry styles and receive one on one consultation that is often missing from most shopping experiences. The convenience of shopping on their terms with someone they trust means a lot.  Offer your customers competitive finance rates, including 0% interest and no-credit needed options. The end goal? Make a competitive commission on each and every sale, including products purchased for personal use. The Furniture Consultant is perfect if you meet one or more of these criteria. It is an natural progression for many home industry professionals to offer furniture as it is often the icing on a multi-layered cake.


    How much does it cost?

    Starting a business is not cheap. Business formation, obtaining state and local permits, finding the right location, negotiating a lease, lease deposits, signage, insurance, inventory, computers, point of sale software, employees, marketing, advertising and more can not only be overwhelming but can take the fun out of why you want to  be in business for yourself in the first place.  Becoming a Furniture Consultant provides you with a turn key business opportunity that takes away the overwhelm and puts you on a path to profitability immediately. Once you apply and are approved as an Independent Furniture Consultant, you will have licensed access to all the tools and resources you need to be successful. We offer the latest software, product support, and sales training designed for you to generate revenue right away all for a small license fee. Learn More


    ​Frequently Asked Questions

    What does it mean to be an Independent Furniture Consultant?

    As an Independent Furniture Consultant with The Furniture Loft™ you will have access to over 18,000 furniture products including items for the Living Room, Dining Room, Bedroom, Home Office, Accents, Outdoor Furniture and Mattresses. Instead of customers shopping at a retail store for furniture, you bring the furniture to them. Using the latest in digital technology you will bring your customers an endless aisle of furniture right in the palm of your hand.

    What are personal appointments, furniture socials and events?

    As an Independent Furniture Consultant you represent top name furniture brands that exemplify quality and style. Personal appointments, furniture socials and private events are just some of the ways our Furniture Consultants generate sales for their furniture business. You can meet your clients whenever, wherever they are by setting individual consultations to showcase your lines or you can choose to host a furniture social using high impact digital media to share your products. In addition, you can have private events in conjunction with an open houses if you are in the Real Estate or Interior Design industry. Most of all, you take control and decide when and where to sell and you decide how much time you want to invest in your own independent business.

    How much can I earn and when do I get paid?

    How much you earn depends on you. Match your efforts to your desired results. Independent Furniture Consultants earn 10%-18% commission on all product sales with no caps even on product that they purchase for personal use. Commisions are based on the license each consultant purchases. All consultants are paid via Direct Deposit and are responsible for their own taxes. Consultants are not employees. They are self-employed business owners that decide when and where they want to work.

    Will I receive training or support?

    Absolutely! You are not expected to be a technological genius or a stellar sales professional. Our in-house training will ensure you are well versed in how to generate  orders, complete a finance application, coordinate delivery all to ensure that your clients are completely satisfied. We offer on-the-go web-based training and are available to support you every step of the way. If you don't succeed, we don't succeed.

    How many hours do I need to work?

    Success as an Independent Furniture Consultant depends on the level of success you want to achieve. Consultants do not "need" to work a set number of hours. It's about what you "want" to do. You decide how much or how little time you want to dedicate to the success of your business. Many of our consultants already have thriving careers and love the additional stream of revenue that being a Consultant provides. Others are dedicating full-time hours and are able to sustain and provide for their families while doing so.

    Do I need to buy special equipment?

    Success as an Independent Furniture Consultant depends on your ability to properly showcase products in a digital environment. Use of a tablet or labtop will be needed in order to display inventory in the most visually appealing way. Each Furniture Consultant License includes a license agreement in order to access all of the applications and software needed to be successful. Aside from a tablet or laptop, a cell phone is needed for customer's to reach you when they have questions regarding their order.

    What is the approval process like? Can anyone become an Independent Furniture Consultant?

    Individuals must apply and be approved to be an Independent Furniture Consultant. We are looking for motivated, success driven individuals who are eager to establish a thriving furniture business. Background, current industry affiliations and previous work experience are all taken into account in determining whether or not an applicant is approved. Successfully passing a background check is also required for all prospective consultants.

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